Train connections

Please check your train connection to Maastricht by this journeyplanner

There is a train station at the airports of Schiphol, Dusseldorf and Brussels, with a train connection to Maastricht..

At the other airports you have to take a short trip by the bus to the train station.

9 minutes walk to the hotel

Walk from the train station Maastricht to the hotel (750 m), 9 minutes

  • From the station, go to the westerly direction to the Spoorweglaan (35 m)
  • Continue the road to the Stationstraat (270 m)
  • Go to the right to the Lage Barakken (9 m)
  • Go to the left to the Wycker Brugstraat (110 m), (Hotel Beaumont)
  • Go to the right to the Wycker Grachtstraat (230 m)
  • Continue this road to the Ruiterij (22 m)
  • Go to the right to stay on the Ruiterij, you can see Hotel Crowne Plaza on your left hand

You can also take a taxi to the hotel (5 min). Taxi's are available at the train station.

Hotel Crown Plaza, Ruiterij 1, 6221 EW Maastricht