"Wooden pallets and packaging: A sustainable business in a fast-changing world"
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Entitled "Wooden pallets and packaging: A sustainable business in a fast-changing world", the congress will highlight the foremost issues affecting the timber pallet and packaging sector and offer the chance to discuss and network with colleagues from around the world.

"FEFPEB works on behalf of its members throughout the year, and our congress provides the vital opportunity to inform them about the latest developments and changes affecting their businesses. This event gives us them the opportunity to learn about and discuss these issues, network and socialise; with the objective of furthering the wooden pallet and packaging business for the benefit of all. We are expecting approximately 200 delegates and partners to attend this essential event.

"We have already signed up a significant number of sponsors. Following feedback from previous FEFPEB congresses, there will be a great emphasis on giving maximum exposure to sponsors at this event."

     ~ Rob van Hoesel, FEFPEB President

"It is a great honour to host the FEFPEB congress and we are planning a first class and exciting itinerary. It's been 12 years since TIMCON last hosted the congress, and as well as providing a full and useful programme of events, we will be taking the opportunity to highlight to our international packaging and pallet colleagues how our industry has innovated, modernised and developed in line with our customers' expectations."
     ~ John Dye, TIMCON President

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